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os anões de Łódź

Łódź is a city in central Poland. It is the third city in Poland, but I do not think that its the third  destination in the country. Łódź was a chief industrial city that knew his days at the turn of the nineteenth to twentieth century, stimulated by the textile industry. After the war he lived in an era of stagnation but of modest growth.

the railway station, currently (2012) in the reforms.

some of the many factories have been restored and turned into lofts. but who wants to live in a factory?

the charming trams in Lodz
Despite having suffered less from the ravages of war than Warsaw or Kraków, Łódź lost a significant part of its population - that comprised high percentage of Jews, most of them workers of the textile industry.

But that is for another post.

Łódź is also the land of garage dwarfs .

During the nineteenth century until about 1916, there was activity in a foundry that produced these
garage dwarves. Its founder was Otto Goldammer, German living in the city.

The basic function of the dwarves was to limit the driveway, thus preventing carriages or cars too wide to enter.

There are several models of these protectors garage apart from the dwarfs. In fact, while the dwarfs are something relatively rare within the landscape of the city (there are about twenty of them in the streets of Łódź), other models abound in the city.

there is one blog that organized locations and photos from the dwarfs similar to I have done here
quite often I would gather information there.
Also I must thank to Mrs Agata Mendrychowska that have joined me in many occasions after the dwarfs.

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new chapter of this blog

This is a new chapter of this blog, dedicated to the iron forged dwarves from the city of Lodz, Poland.