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two pair of dwarves at piotrkowska

The Pietrkowska Street in Lodz has a major shift in appareance when one crosses the Mieckiewicza avenue. The north side of Pietrkowska is wealthier than the south. There are the main stores, cafes and restaurants of the street. On the way to the south there are less fancy shops and the buildings looks less preserved. Yet there are many interesting places there as the Cathedral, the Textile Museum and the open air Museum (for wood constructions from the surroundings cities that were brought to Lodz).  Our friends dwarves are there too.

On number 271 of Pietrkowska there are a couple on a gate. They are painted in black, of the regular kind and looked well preserved. They have the word "ROK" inscribed, but no year in it.

At Pietrkowska 282 there is a big white factory, now the Textile Museum of Lodz.
At the front gate there are two big krasnals. There a big difference from them to the ones I've seem before. Those looks more modern in design, bigger and more detailed in every aspect. The shields doesn't have the word "ROK", and are just plain. In the shield lateral it can be read "LODZ OTTO GOLDAMMER", the name of the foundry that produced the sculptures. There are just a few of those sculptures I could find.

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dwarves at piotrkowska,17

This pair of krasnali are at the gate of building number 17 at Piotrkowska.
Those are from smaller kind and are in bad state. They have basically only the head and the shield is only intended.

St. Joseph's Church, Lodz

St. Joseph's Church (Kościół Św. Józefa)

Saint Joseph is one of the oldest churches of the city, but it was not constructed at the present site. It was first erected around the year 1370, where presently is Lutomierska and Zachiodnia streets. The original name was church of Our Lady of Assumption.

The original church past through many disasters, including fire until it was rebuilt in brick in 1765/8. In 1880 it was about to be demolished, when it came the idea to move it to the new place. It stands in a former abandomed cemetery, close to the big factory from Izrael Poznanski, where today stands the Manufaktura complex. Poznanski although jew himself, donated money for the five althars inside the church.

The entrance is through a small alley, and the place is silent and peaceful. It has the basic structure of the traditional wooden churches from Poland, includind the tower apart from the main body. The church was closed for renovation in 2011.

Dwarf at Wólczanska, 4, Lodz

there is a pair of dwarves at Wólczanska, 4, not too far from Manufaktura complex. the street have some features of its own, like the closed factory, and flags over the houses. those sculptures are the same i showed on a previous post in this blog. they are from the small kind, not painted or specially well maintained, although the gates are from a beautiful iron work and the façade looks renovated.
they have the shield with the ROK written with no year inscribed.

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Jaracza, 30
there are two pairs of dwarves at Jaracza street.
those are in front of a Theater, at number 30. the reflex of the building can be seen in the first photo, and it shows an elegant architecture, probably from the 1920's, but not in good shape.
the sculptures are full body, old style. painted in black and curiously don't block the entrance of the gate, like mostly does. date not inscripted at the shield. the sculptures are a bit taller than the usual because of the extra height of the base.

Jaracza, 58

Jaracza , 58
At the gate of the building behind the Opera at Jaracza street, 58 there are a pair of those dwarves. It is the building in the far rear of the left side in the first photo.
those krasnal are from the small kind, just showing the top of the shield and small beard too. their are not painted and are not carefully arranged.

the Opera from Lodz

Narutowicz 35, Lodz

Narutowicz 35
these pair are at the gate of a building at the Narutowicz, 35, close to the Opera and Lodz Fabryczna, Train Station (in renovation then).

The sculptures in good shape, although not recently painted. They look some of the older kind, with simple design, with full body and the whole shield in the figure. The gate looks clean and renovated, and the dwarf seems confortable in front of the little tea shop. The word "ROK" stands for the year and often has the number inscript, but not in this case.